Church Resources

stained_glass_candle_webThere are a wide variety of electronic discussion resources readily available. It is suggested that each church select a knowledgeable and responsible young adult to lead their electronic ministry program.

Not only do younger generations generally know more about electronic communication, they speak an encoded form of the English language which attracts their peers. It’s our children’s and grandchildren’s future we’re talking about. They will inherit the earth.

Reference programs, activities, materials and resources include:

Church Divinity School of the Pacific on-line programs

Education for Ministry on-line program

Mission and Program group activities with web links

Diocese website as a potential network hub

Up front recommended Episcopal, spirituality, nature and science links

Diocesan, congregational and group e-mail databases

Circle of Disciples Conference Guidebook (available by e-mail in Adobe Acrobat format upon request to

Education for Ministry (EFM) on-line certificate courses with mentors (contact: Rev. Bob Harvey at

Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership (CALL): on-line certificate courses with mentors. (contact: Diocese website)

Circulating DVD library from the Teaching Company and other sources (titles available upon request to:

Web links: