St. Augustine’s relies on your financial support in order to continue its mission to be of service to its congregation, the community, the city, and the world. Your tax-deductible gift will go a long way in helping us to continue our operational enhancements, maintenance, and program development for all ages. Any amount you give is greatly appreciated.  We value your generosity. Blessings to you and your family.

St. Augustine’s is now able to accept online contributions! Please follow the link below to give with your debit or credit card or to sign up to give automatically from your bank account!

Give Online

You may also mail your gift to the address below or leave your offering in the weekly collection basket.  If you would like information about regular giving envelopes, please contact us.

 St. Augustine Episcopal Parish
1735 South College Avenue
Tempe, Arizona 85281


Stewardship is defined as “the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.” It is about being grateful, responsible stewards for the gifts we receive from God.  The tradition of giving back to God and to the church comes from the biblical practice of “tithing,” which means to give back a tenth of our earnings to God (Numbers 18:26).  The Episcopal Church sees stewardship as more than simply contributing money to the church; it’s also about contributing time and talents toward the church’s ministry and mission.  It’s about reaching out to build relationships from a perspective of abundance instead of scarcity.  Give. Receive.