St. A’s Youth

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church welcomes all. St A’s Youth Group shares the vision of the broader parish of St Augustine’s and is oriented around Prayer, Discernment, and Hospitality.

Prayer – The youth gather to practice of a wide array of prayer forms in order to experience God’s presence, to have conversation with God, to develop rhythms that remind us that God is with us, and to find our center in the presence of Christ. Discernment – The Youth are given time and space to listen to the still small voice of God in their lives, learning to hear the voice of God through scripture using practices such as lectio divina, study, and conversation centered on the sacred text, as well as to seek the wisdom of the Spirit heard in community. Hospitality – The Youth are taught the importance of and given opportunity to practice welcoming and caring for the other as Christ, following the heart of Jesus to serve the needs of the most vulnerable in our society and the world, learning to pray and to work to see God’s kingdom come, God’s will be done.Our life together

Youth Group Sunday evenings: On Sunday Evenings from 5:00 – 7:30pm the Youth meet to pray Evening Prayer, share a meal, and enjoy games and fellowship together.

I-Help: One Friday each month the Youth participate in preparing and serving a meal to the homeless of Tempe through I-Help.  After cleaning up we continue to enjoy each other’s company through activities such as going to someone’s house and playing games, going out for dinner and a movie, or seeing a local performance.

Youth Retreats: From camping in the Fall to Spring Break mission trips to Chapel Rock Summer Camp, there are many opportunities to for the Youth to break out of “normal” life and experience a different rhythm and pace together.

Parish Life: The Youth of St. A’s are an integral part of the community. Youth participate in worship and community life.  Our youth can be seen serving in many capacities in our 10:30 service as acolytes, crucifers, readers, musicians and more. They participate in storytelling during Holy Week and other special times in the church year. At St. Augustine’s we do not view the youth as simply the “future” of the church, but as the “present” fully incorporated in the multi-generational body of Christ as it is expressed in our parish. For more information about Youth Village or for directions to the Sunday night meetings, please e-mail Julie Carson. Visit the St. A’s calendar for youth events highlighted in gold!