Godly Play

Photo by Monty Carson


Godly Play is an approach to children’s spiritual formation that invites children to explore how they fit into the story of God.  After each story is told, “wondering” questions are used to help children enter deeper into the narrative.

I wonder what part of this story you like best?

I wonder what part of this story is most important?

I wonder where you are in this story or what part of this story is about you?

I wonder if we could get rid of any part of this story, and still have all the story we need?

On Sundays at 9am in person, children ages 4 through 5th grade gather (masked) to hear a story, explore the story together in conversation and in open-ended work, and pray together and share a feast (outside).  In Godly Play, our young people are becoming a community of prayer, discernment and hospitality.

We believe part of children’s spiritual formation occurs when they participate in worship with their families; all children are welcome at all times in the worship service.